Integrative Mental Health and Medical Care

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Integrative Mental Health and Medical Care:

Counseling, Psychotherapy, Medication Management, Primary Care, Pain Management, Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, and Wellness Services in West Maui: Maui's Choice for Comprehensive, Integrated Behavioral Health and Medical Care

“Good mental health results from being genuine and accepting of one’s self. Mental Health treatment is a special partnership between doctor and patient, working together to improve the quality of the patient’s life.” -Dr. Kelly Harnick/ Founder


West Maui Counseling Center is a group mental health care practice comprised of Licensed Psychologists (Doctors of Psychology), Licensed Master’s Level Therapists. and Licensed, Board Certified Physicians (Medical Doctors) providing private mental health services with integrated medical services to the Maui community in a conveniently located, upscale office suite in downtown Lahaina. We look forward to getting to know you, and helping you learn to live your healthiest life possible. West Maui Counseling Center is the first and only practice of it’s kind on Maui where we value quality over quanitity and are providing integrative therapy, counseling, and behavioral interventions, psychiatric medication management, integrated primary medical care, specialty medical care including pain management with integrated behavioral health services, and cardiology, and supportive wellness services for mental health patients as a treatment team. Read here in the Lahaina News about how West Maui Counseling Center is leading the charge of expanding access to care for our community and what we are all about..our patients: “Appointment of MD Psychiatrist Monumental for West Maui.”

The Center was founded by Dr. Kelly Harnick in 2011, because of her desire to improve access to quality mental health care for our West Maui community. Read here in the Lahaina News about our humble beginnings, and here on how we expanded in 2013, providing even better access to care for our West Maui residents. Read Lahaina News article here about how Dr. Harnick is at the forefront of mental health legislative advocacy for improved access to care through RxP Hawaii and modeling an integrative health care model for the State of Hawaii where Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Medical/Prescribing Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors work together for patients.

We are here to help. Through the therapeutic process, our patients recognize their own strengths and resiliency, heal from the stress and pain that has occurred in their lives, and thrive in the face of adversity while receiving primary medical, psychiatric, and psychological care all in the same place. We are honored to be your mental health care team, and help you achieve your healthiest self, mentally and physically. Our Maui Psychologists and Medical Doctors, love what we do and our team is honored to be your health care team.

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Integrative Mental Health Care Services Offered

Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy is readily available at West Maui Counseling Center. We love what we do and helping people achieve their best mental and emotional health.

Psychiatry/Psychiatric Medication Management

Couples Counseling

Group Therapy

Family Counseling/Therapy

Primary Medical Care

Our Board Certified, MD provides integrated primary care with our behavioral health services.

Pediatric Medical Care

Our Board Certified MD provides care for the whole family including the keiki! Primary Medical and Behavioral Health medical needs.

Bowen Therapy and Acupuncture


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Clinical Expertise and Professionalism

We see patients from all walks of life and of different clinical severities. Sometimes our patients may need brief therapy for a current adjustment stressor going in their lives, and others we see who have more severe, chronic mental illnesses. We work with people from the whole spectrum, from mild to severe,  and encourage anyone who could use extra support, no matter what the presenting problem is big or small, to reach out and ask for support, you deserve it, and we are here to help.

Board Certified and Licensed by the State of Hawaii

At West Maui Counseling Center, quality matters to us. Our therapists are all Licensed Psychologists, with training and licensure at the doctoral level. Our medical providers are all Licensed Medical Doctors, Board Certified in their respective specialities. All of our team members are highly educated and experienced, please click here for more information and bios of each team member.

Mental Health Topics

WMCC Office Blessing

This is a very sentimental, and heartfelt post that I'd like to share with our community, recapping the WMCC Hawaiian Office Blessing for those who couldn't be there. It was an amazing evening full of love, aloha, and tears of joy. For me as the founder of West Maui...

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Understanding ADHD

Living with attention deficit disorders can be frustrating and overwhelming. As a young person dealing with attention issues, or as a parent who suspects their child is affected, support from your Nurse Practitioner or Primary Care Provider is available. Learning how...

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The Treatment Team Approach: How Our Patients Benefit

This blog post is dedicated to describing our unique treatment team approach at West Maui Counseling Center and my vision for the multidisciplinary mental health team I am building for our Maui community. We believe that patients get better care when their doctors and...

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Welcome to West Maui Counseling Center

Welcome to West Maui Counseling Center. We are a small group practice of Doctoral level, Licensed Maui Psychologists in central Lahaina. We are the first and only counseling center of our kind on the island of Maui and our Founder, Dr. Kelly Harnick values quality...

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PTSD: An Overview

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a very specific anxiety disorder that can occur after exposure to a severe trauma. There are three major categories of symptoms which include: 1. Avoidance 2. Re-experiencing and 3. Physiological Hyperarousal. Avoidance is...

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Surviving vs. Thriving

For those of us who grew up in not so safe homes, we all learned “rules” to survive the chaos. Often times what we figured out was to keep our heads down and not draw attention to ourselves, so bad things don’t happen to us. Another rule we learn is to not take risks,...

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Chronic Depression:

Stigma Busting and the Broken Leg: Clinical Depression also called Major Depressive Disorder, is a serious, and very VALID medical illness. It can be acute (one episode lasting a few weeks) or more often chronic (numerous episodes over the span of many years, waxing...

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Clinical Depression:

Medications, Therapy, or Both? At West Maui Counseling Center, we work with lots of our Maui community members who are struggling with Clinical Depression. First and foremost, we conduct a thorough assessment during the first few appointments and obtain the correct...

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Clinical Depression: Know the signs and symptoms

Clinical Depression is a valid medical illness that is very treatable. There is far too much stigma and much that is misunderstood about Major Depressive Disorder, or what is commonly just called "Depression", "Major Depression" or "Clinical Depression."  For the...

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