A technique to overcome anxiety and the “what ifs”

Reframe your anxiety provoking thoughts in 3 steps:
1. Identify “What if” thinking as a symptom that is no less valid than any physical symptom (i.e. Just as valid as a high blood pressure reading for someone with hypertension)

2. Assess the probability that the “what if” thought will actually happen or how likely is it (i.e. “What if people are talking badly about me?”, it’s likely they are not thinking about you as much as you think they are, they are probably thinking about themselves)

3. Assess your evidence for your probabilities. Do you actually have any data or evidence that people are talking about you? If you do, then ask yourself how important is it actually? and, even if it is true though it’s a small probability, can you actually handle it better than you give yourself credit for?

If you practice these three steps, it will help to reduce inaccurate thinking, which anxiety symptoms are notorious for! You can do it! If you need further help with overcoming anxiety symptoms. WMCC is here to help. Just call 808-280-4192 or visit us online at www.westmauicounseling.com/contact to schedule an appointment with one of our Maui Psychologists or Medical Doctor if medication is needed. We work hard to create a unique treatment plan for each of our patients that fits for them.