Concierge Medical, Psychological, and Psychiatric Services

Private. Discreet. Professional.

Quality Care in the Privacy of your own home. 

Primary Medical Care, Psychology/Psychotherapy, and Psychiatry


Our team at West Maui Counseling Center, understands that high profile, public figures often have serious concerns about privacy, which could be a barrier to receiving the quality care they may need. Our doctors go the extra mile, and we believe that everyone from all walks of life, deserve to receive high quality health care. Our concierge health care¬†services provide just that. We conduct medical, psychological, and psychiatric visits in the comfort of our patients’ own homes, or the place of their choosing. However, we strive to treat all patients the same high quality care, whether you are famous or not. We are professionals, we see and help the person, and see many high profile patients on a regular basis. Star struck we are not. We are the few who will challenge you to be your healthiest self and try to understand your struggles in the context of the unique circumstances of your life. You will be treated with the high quality care we strive to provide every patient who walks through our doors. However, our concierge medical, psychological/psychotherapy, and psychiatry services take into account our understanding of the need for privacy and we are willing to go the extra mile with providing services in the privacy of our patient’s own homes, for those who want real help. Whether it’s rather mild adjustment issues, to addiction, to more serious mental health and medical issues, we are here to provide you with the care you deserve.

Your Privacy is of the Utmost Important to Us

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