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The Treatment Team

We appreciate that therapy and medical care involves the development of a supportive, confidential relationship over time. No matter what your goals are, the relationship you develop with your doctor is the most important factor in why you start to feel better. The therapy relationship is a special one because people are able to share very personal information in the context of a professional relationship, with the assurance of privacy and neutrality. It is most important to us that you feel comfortable with the doctor you choose, and sometimes the first person you see may not be the best fit. At West Maui Counseling Center, we encourage open discussion about your feelings of comfort in the therapeutic relationship, and our primary goal is to get your mental health and medical needs met, no matter who you choose to work with. Call us and we can help fit you with the right provider for you.

West Maui Counseling Center Mental Health Treatment Team

Diversity is Celebrated

We welcome and enjoy working with people from all walks of life. Differences such as age, race, sexuality, or ethnicity are respected and valued. All of our providers adhere to the American Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics, the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics, and strive to practice with integrity and professionalism. Each provider has their own style and theoretical approach, however, all utilize integrative, evidenced based approaches to psychology, psychiatry, and primary care medicine grounded in their knowledge of research and training in their respective fields. Our multidisciplinary treatment team also meets weekly to collaborate and communicate about our patients’ treatment plans and progress. This is especially good for patients in that their primary medical, psychiatric, and psychological providers are all in communication and on the same page. It improves patient care and clinical outcomes by having a team of caring providers working together and communicating frequently for the best interest of the patient.

Strict Confidentiality 

Privacy is a major rule at the center, and when you come in to WMCC for help, rest assured your health information is protected, privileged, and confidential. We have a zero tolerance policy for any unauthorized disclosures of Protected Health Information by our staff. Your provider will go over the legal limits to confidentiality during your first visit and we encourage you to ask any questions or express any concerns at any time. WMCC is seen as a safe place by the community because people know that what’s said here stays here, especially because we are a small community. Our patients know that their privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we take our ethical obligation of confidentiality very seriously. For patients where privacy would absolutely prohibit an in person visit to the center such as high profile public figures and celebrities please click here to learn about our Psychological and Medical concierge services. We work as a treatment team, and are focused on providing integrated medical and mental health care that is patient centered. To learn more about our unique team approach, click here. None of us have had the same exact experiences in our lives, and the focus is to gain a deeper understanding of how every patient uniquely experiences their own world and circumstances. We try to practice aloha in both personal and professional interactions.

West Maui Counseling Center's Medication Policy

Best Practice is our goal

*Because we are striving to provide quality care and adhere to medical best practice guidelines, We have implemented a policy which requires our patients to come in for follow up office visits based on your doctor’s opinion, after initiating a new medication, changing dosages, or taking over your care from a previous provider. We do not believe prescribing medication for extended periods of unsupervised time is best medical practice, particularly with psychiatric medications. Although some patients may be frustrated with this, we are flexible and as patients are established and stable, we make our best clinical recommendations and time between appointments and refills may become longer because it is the clinically appropriate treatment plan. We are not here to simply prescribe, push meds, and obtain numerous office visits. We believe that true, lasting health and recovery from both physical and mental ailments occurs over time through active involvement of the patient and doctor and regular supervision of progress.*

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